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About us


We are tree specialists and arborists with thorough knowledge and extensive experience in all aspects of tree care.  

We are tree specialists and expert arborists catering to tree trimming, stump grinding, land clearing, hedge maintenance, tree removal and treatment of diseased trees by bracing branches for both commercial and residential industries. With our latest equipment and years of experience, we assess and identify your outdoor space before using the axe or chainsaw to cut, grind, prune or recycle a tree stump. We work to remove hard to reach branches and trees of all sizes especially the ones that have grown dangerously high. We are also known for creating unique artwork by sculpting trees, thinning the crown, removing deadwood and old stumps and taking down certain sections of the tree. Have a query on garden maintenance? Let’s help you take the best decisions for your lawn care, whether it’s removing dead branches, restoring health and beauty to your trees, dismantling a certain section of the tree or sculpting them to create beautiful masterpieces.

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About Us

We are tree specialists and arborists

Welcome to Poplar Tree Services, your trusted provider of comprehensive tree care solutions in Ennis and its surrounding areas.

If you're seeking friendly advice or expert assistance, give us a call. As trees age, the risk of falling and causing damage increases. Our skilled arborists specialize in either safely removing trees or implementing measures to make them secure.

Handling large and potentially hazardous trees is our expertise, backed by experience and cutting-edge equipment. Schedule a site visit with one of our qualified tree surgeons at a convenient time.

We're here to address storm damage promptly. After agreeing on a plan of action, we provide a free, no-obligation quote and assist with any required planning applications, guiding you from start to finish.

Post-service, we ensure your space is left immaculate, as we take care of cleanup diligently. From stump grinding to hedge cutting, large tree removal, pruning, weight reductions, and deadwooding, Poplar Tree Services covers it all.

Contact us at 085 772 9455 or find us on Facebook. Your trees deserve the best care, and we're here to deliver.



Tree Removal in Ennis

At Poplar Tree Services, we specialize in expert tree removal in Ennis. Our top priority in every job is ensuring safety and demonstrating respect for our clients, their homes, and the local community. Trust us for professional tree removal services tailored to the unique needs of Ennis and its surroundings.


Our dedicated team ensures the swift and efficient removal of unsightly stumps, enhancing the aesthetics of your outdoor space. Trust us to handle stump removal with precision, leaving your landscape pristine and ready for new possibilities.